Suicide Bombing Incident Rocks Tunisia; Nine Injured

A suicide bombing incident in Tunisia has shell shocked the country, putting up severe questions on its security. On Monday afternoon a bomber blew herself up on a busy Tunis avenue, claiming her life besides injuring nine, Interior Ministry of Tunisia said.The blast happened at 2 in the afternoon in the capital’s Habib Bourgubia avenue, and the attack was carried out by a 30-year-old woman, according to the Interior Ministry spokesperson Sofiene Zaag, who gave his statement to the TAP news agency.

Another statement released by the Ministry confirmed that the woman was not previously known to authorities, sourced as a major reason why the activity could not be traced. Out of the nine wounded, eight people were reported as police officers, while the remaining as a civilian.

According to AP reporter who was present at the locus, there was a lot of commotion with ambulances arriving to pick up the wounded and take them to the hospitals. The police, however, made sure that the street was cornered off. It was reported that the attacker was wearing a self-made bomb belt, having small quantity of explosives, and it came from the Mahdia region of eastern Tunisia. Besides, her home was also reportedly raided after the attack.

TAP news agency released Zaag’s another statement and explained that the explosion took place in front of Tunis’s city theater. The place of attack also alleges that the bomber was well aware of her surroundings and hence chose the cultural, political, and economic heart of Tunisia.

The country has already faced consequences in the previous years, and the authorities have been on high alert following a spate of attacks. In 2015, a deadly shooting in Tunis’ Bardo National Museum claimed 22 lives.

Besides, another strike in 2015, in an Islamic state-claimed attack on a main Tunis road, another suicide bombing incident engulfed 12 lives. The incident occurred on a bus carrying members of Tunisian presidential guard.

The Tunisian Minister Hichem Fourati was reportedly on his way to the ground zero, though his purpose of visit was not immediately cleared. The bigger question stalled to such scenarios is, who has an appropriate answer for all the innocent lives claimed in such situations.

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