Italy Midst Chaos as Floods Engulf at least 11 Lives

Italy floods
Last updated on November 11th, 2018

Roaring winds combined with thunderous rain has derailed the pace of life in Italy, engulfing at least 11 lives. The widespread chaos has further flooded areas and caused landslides in the country.

The natural calamity had hit coastal areas the worst, with waves as high as 10 foot destroying yachts onshore and every other thing that came in its way. Besides, most causalities were due to falling tress on pedestrians and those in cars.

In Trento, northeast of Italy a woman was killed as landslide hit her home, and another man was killed after being thrown against the rocks, while windsurfing on the eastern coast in Emilia Romagna.

Other casualties were recorded in Ligura, Italy’s northwest;Lazio, the country’s central region, which includes, Rome; Naples, in Italy’s southwest; and Veneto in the northeast. Body of a 61-year-old man was also found in Veneto, who swept away at least a kilometer away from his car.

The catastrophic extent of floods across Italy has left Venice in a state of bother, with 70 percent of the city reportedly under water. The extent of flooding also implies that it is the worst flooding in a decade, and even the tourists had to inhibit from St Mark’s square as the high water was recorded at 156cm.

“It was the perfect storm during which adverse meteorological conditions contributed to the situation in the sea and winds,” civil protection chief Angelo Borrelli told the Associated Press.
The salt water from the sea reacted with the flammable batteries as luxury cars caught fire in the port of Savona. According to hundreds of new Maseratis were stored at the terminal and were awaiting export to the Middle east.

Apart from storm and floods, heavy snowfall across Western Europe has also impacted northern Italy. More than 160 tourists, and hotel staff have been left stranded by heavy snowfall at the Stelvio Pass on the Swiss border. The country’s condition, which depleted in a matter-of-minutes will now need some time to get back to normal.

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