Amanda Leduc Helps Raise More than $45k for Galloway Defendants

A crowd funding campaign initiated by Canadian author, Amanda Leduc, to help people named in a defamation lawsuit, raised more than $45000 worth of funds in just 24 hours.

The case is filed by the erstwhile chair of the creative writing program at the University of Columbia.

A contribution of $45000 was made by more than 500 people in a duration of less than 24 hours. Further, an amount of $46,907 was recorded till Wednesday evening.

Amanda Leduc, the writer who was technically behind raising Galloway, said that the GoFundMe campaign was initiated in order to cover some of the incipient legal amounts for the defendants.

“I know how expensive defamation suits can be, and I was galvanized into action thinking about the defendants named in the suit, many of whom do not have the institution power and funds available to cope with something like this,” Leduc said in an email.

According to Amanda Leduc, she did not anticipate to reach this amount in one day. In fact, her initial goal was set to raising $25000. The goal, on the other hand, has now been revised to $50,000.

Steven Galloway, a creative writer and an ex-professor of UBC is suing a woman. He is claiming that he is being falsely accused of sexual and physical misconduct by this woman. A number of people are also alleged for repeating the accusations on social media and publicly at the university.

These ‘false’ accusations damaged Galloway, destroying not only his reputation, but also recked his presence.

The claim is that “the defamation began with a false statement by the women, to several other defendants, who recklessly repeated and asserted the truth of the accusations both, within UBC and publicly on the Internet, including on Twitter.”

According to the college authorities, there were serious allegations against Galloway for being involved in sexual and physical misconduct. As these allegations could not be ignored, Steven Galloway was investigated in 2015. As a result, the ex-professor was suspended from the university in November 2015. A former BC Supreme Court judge was asked by the university to examine the allegations made against him, in December of the same year. This report, by Mary Ellen Boyd, was kept private and submitted in April 2016. In June 2016, Steven Galloway was fired from the university following the charges.

On the basis of the prejudice statements made during the procedure – that breached his privacy rights, debased his character and damaged his reputation – a labor arbitration ordered the university to pay Galloway a sum of $167,000 in compensation.

The dispute about dismissing the professor by university was no longer being discussed.

Amanda Leduc said that this fund-raising campaign is just the beginning of a larger campaign that will incorporate monthly donations.

She further highlighted that it is very crucial to know this type of issue has an extensive range of repercussion to cover the Canadian literature.

She said “someone who has been accused of sexual assault is now suing their accusers and those who have supported the accusers themselves. This should be of concern to anyone who cares about #MeToo movement. Together, we need to question and interrogate the power structures that make these kinds of actions possible.”

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