Implementation of Carbon Tax on Cards for the United States

Last updated on November 5th, 2018

A change in pattern of weather with rising levels of carbon dioxide, global temperature and sea levels have become a major concern, putting questions on the sustainability of our planet. However, despite all of this happening, President Donald Trump, once claimed that climate change is “hoax”, a claim that he later retracted by saying that the planet “will change back again.” Therefore, according to one congressman, the current situation has raised an alarm in the House of Representatives that could potentially lead to a price on carbon emissions.

“I think we’ll be able to have a bipartisan piece of legislation that puts a price on carbon,” said Florida Democratm Ted Deutch, who co-chairs the Climate Solutions Caucus in the House. Besides, as many as 90 Republican and Democrat members of that caucus have been focused on the issue and are consulting with businesses, energy officials and politicians around the world to put a price on carbon.

Deutch, in his statement given to CBC Radio’s The House, earlier this week said, the assembly will once again look at the composition Congress after Tuesday’s midterm, but he expects that every option will be considered to move forward in the right direction. He also confirmed that there is a bipartisan support for a price on carbon, demanding a proper legislation in the near future.

In July, a bill asking to put a price on carbon emission was introduced by Republican lawmaker Carlos Curbelo in the House of Representatives. During the time of introduction, he expressed that he hopes legislation would renew debate on Climate change in Washington.

Trump’s interest in the matter also plays a pivotal role because opposition to such bills predates his presidency record, in 2016 he tweeted that he “will not support or endorse a carbon tax!” Trump also pulled United States out of the Paris climate accord in 2017.

Carbon emissions have a serious impact on the environment, but if they fail to impact Donald Trump’s mind, the policy may just pass-away in to the thin air of oblivion.

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