Emmanuel Macron: “Hawkish” Nationalism Would Bring Down the EU

Emmanuel Macron
Last updated on November 11th, 2018

It’s hard to keep Emmanuel Macron away from taking a dig at the major issues, happening in and around the sidelines of his country and Europe. Therefore, in his recent comment, the French President issued a warning that the world is in a “dangerous” place and said, “Hawkish” nationalism would bring down the European Union.

In his latest interview he called for the bloc to create its own army, focusing on the fact that European states should not rely upon the US for their defence. According to him, the current situation is being torn apart by nationalists. The scenario, which he hopes will end as the French far-right would lose power in next European Parliament elections.

He told France’s Europe 1 radio: “Nationalism is on the rise everywhere in Europe. It calls for the closure of borders and for the rejection of the Other. Europe is being broken apart. Authoritarian regimes are re-emerging and are rearming themselves on the fringes of Europe.”

To draw contrast to the current situation, Macron used The Treaty of Versailles, as an example, a peace settlement signed after the First World War, which left Germany devastated and is believed to be the instigator of Nazi Party and fascism. Adding, he remarked, “Europe was built on a Humiliation.” The Second World War has taught us a lot about the absurdity of conflicts, about belligerent nationalism.

Europe’s current situation is not a facade that has uprooted the financial crisis in the economy, but a reality that nationalists need to tackle well. In recent months, Macron has highlighted the European elections is a battle between anti-immigration nationalists and pro-EU progressives.

Apart from focusing on peace in Europe, Marcon also said that Britain’s exit from the European Union was the result of discontent of the working and middle class with Europe and the City of London financial centre.

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