Republicans defend Saudi Arabia’s crimes despite mid-term election lapse

At their first lame-duck session after mid-term elections, House Republicans resolved to vote as a bloc on whether the United States should further succor Saudi Arabia on Yemen war, the congressional sources asserted.

The House Rules Committee (HRC), led by GOP, stripped a measure bidding mandate vote for Yemen bill of its privilege by a 6-2 vote, on Tuesday. The full House will now consider that rule Wednesday afternoon, and the Republicans’ plan is to hold their caucus together to pass it along party lines.

However, the measure hasn’t been implemented as it will be considered on Wednesday. Yet, it’s believed that the privilege will be formally downtrodden, despite the fact that some Republicans may vote to sustain it.

The absolute majority on the HRC shunned the privilege status of the War Powers Resolution, which is advocated by Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., and backed by other leading Democrats. It means that the bill cannot progress in committee hearings and be escalated to the chamber floor.

The war support has emerged as the latest controversy on Capitol Hill, as House Republicans play on their final tenure in power after mid-term elections, before Democrats usurp in January.

With this move, it’s quite surprising that Republicans continue to turn a blind-eye on war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia on the Yemeni soil. In this bloody conflict, thousands of people have lost their lives, and many still live in fear of loosing their own.

Republicans are stopping the Democrats from withdrawing the United States’ support from the Yemen war, despite becoming weak in the mid-term elections. The outcome of recent elections could have been a lesson for the Republicans.

The ranking member on the Rules Committee Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., said: “It is disappointing to me that we are trying to hide from this debate and also from and also a larger debate on what should our policy be towards Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi government.”

In recent time, the US decided to halt the refueling of Saudi war-jets that conducted air-strikes on Yemen. Withal, it continues intelligence sharing and render trainings to the troops.

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), the expected leader of House Foreign Affairs Committee in the next Congress, commented that “It’s outrageous and unprecedented that House Republicans are shutting down debate about America’s involvement in the war in Yemen…It’s wrong for Republicans to stop the House from taking up these critical issues.”

In September, Rep. Ro Khanna initiated the war powers bill after a similar unsuccessful attempt to withdraw United States’ support from the battle last year.

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