Macron’s Office reacts on Trump’s WW2 Tweet mocking France

US President Donald Trump’s series of tweets mocking France over World War 2 (WW2), have been slammed by French President, Macron’s office. The tweets apparently sought to sour the relationship between the Presidents of US and France. The office has insisted that the two leaders have a strong relationship despite all their differences.

Trump’s retaliation came amidst Macron’s proposal to create a European army to protect the bloc against Russia, China and even the US. The idea, which Washington did not like, was dismissed for being insulting.

Donald Trump blasted Macron with a flurry of tweets on Tuesday over WW2, as he wrote that the young leader was highly ‘unpopular’ and French trading practices were ‘unfair’ and the country’s economy was in ruins.

However, an adviser to Macron defended him in the weirdest of the ways, and told the French news channel BFMTV, “they are for Americans, else they would have not been written in English. We have no reason to comment on his remarks.”

Besides, the presidency remarked, “The relationship between the president and Donald Trump is very much real. Beyond the tweets, what matters to us is that they call each other several times a week to discuss global issues.” Macron’s office also said that the French president had made his part clear about European army and European defense to Trump, and there is no need to reply again.

Trump, while tweeting, also asked its French ally to “MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN”, by means of, which he questioned French tariffs on US wine and highlighted that Macron suffers from a very low approval rating. Though the two leaders have always presented a friendly front in the public, but the number of questions put up by Trump allege that something is indeed fishy.

Ironically, the day Trump bombarded Macron via his tweets, it was also the third anniversary of the 2015 terror attack in Paris, which claimed 130 lives.

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