Saudi-West Breaking Point Ahead of Khashoggi Murder Evidence Tapes

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently announced that his country’s intelligence had shared Khashoggi murder evidence tapes with several countries. The tapes consisted of audio recordings from the consulate and were shared with Germany, France, UK, Canada, and US, besides Saudi Arabia. The move came as a blow, since the named countries are also Saudi’s western allies. The same allies who had recently withdrawn from one of Saudi Arabia’s most significant and critical event at the current point of time. By sharing the Khashoggi murder evidence, Turkey has put the nations in a difficult position. Could revelation of the Khashoggi murder evidence be the breaking point of Saudis relationship with the West?

Saudi-West: A Love-Hate Relation

Going back in time, Saudi’s relation with the West has always been unstable. Today, it is at a way more serious point than it appears to be. As this is not the first time that the Westerners are expected to stand against their gulf ally.

A month ago, some of Saudi’s allied nations became a part of the mass boycott campaign against its investment event following Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. Media groups, investors, and government officials from the UK, US, France, and Canada, withdrew from Saudi’s Future Investment Initiative, aka, FII 2018.

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel even announced the halt of arms trade with Saudi Arabia, twice. However, Germany is not alone, as the coalition in Yemen receives its arms from a number of other countries, including the world superpower, US.

Nevertheless, Saudi’s arms relationship with the US is not as ‘cozy’ as it seems. In fact, it is almost the other way around – the kingdom needs to buy arms, more than the US needs to sell them. US, in no way, depends on Saudi Arabia; neither for monetary benefits nor for its oil production. It is anyway a globally acknowledged fact that oil will dry up soon.

The world is no longer controlled by the gulf monarchy, which it thinks is the case. With the Khashoggi murder evidence sent to allied nations, the kingdom’s unstable relation with the West poses more threat to witness a breaking point soon. Though French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, claimed that the country didn’t receive any such evidence tapes from Turkey, while the Canadian prime minister said otherwise. Justin Truedeau was fast to acknowledge that Canada’s intelligence had heard the audio tapes and he was yet to do the same. It remains to be seen, what comes AFTER the acknowledgement of receiving Khashoggi murder evidence.

The impact of Khashoggi’s murder is as humongous as the 9/11 attack, in which a majority of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Only this time, the retaliation appears more unanimous and aggressive towards the gulf nation, making space for concrete actions to take place against KSA. This has especially become the case since the Congress has been pressuring the US government. Congress, which majorly consists of Democrats, has been stressing over not only ending US arms deal with Saudi, but also imposing financial sanctions on the kingdom and expelling its diplomats. A move that might not only shatter the future of Saudi’s relation with the West, but also vanish the kingdom out of the whole game.

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