Trump Blasts Mueller’s Investigation Calling it a “Total Mess”

Last updated on November 18th, 2018

US President Donald Trump’s fears are coming to life, as Russia’s meddling in the 2016 has impacted the president’s sanity yet again. He attacked Robert Mueller’s investigation via tweets on Thursday. Sounding a lot like his usual self, Trump called the probe a “total mess” and “absolutely nuts”.

Trump, said on Thursday that investigators were “threatening” people to provide “the answers they want”. Further, explaining “they are screaming and shouting at people”, however the fact is that no collusion has been found yet, between his election campaign and Russia.

Trump, has always criticized the matter and has always called that the special investigation led by Mueller as unfair and dominated by “hardened Democrats”. In his latest account, the president seemed pretty irked over the fact that Mueller has continuously threatened to provide proofs, labeling them as a disgrace to his nation.

After facing stiff challenges in the mid-term election, which included continuous warnings about refugee in Mexico and mix-and-match endorsements of Republican candidates, Trump’s old-new friend Mueller, came back unexpectedly to haunt him. Contrarily, with the newly appointed acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker in position, he must not have expected Mueller to come up with a new threat.

Earlier, Jeff Sessions voluntarily removed himself from the probe, as Democrats accused him of failing to disclose the contacts with the Russian ambassador during his Senate confirmation hearing.

In 2016, US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia had used state-sponsored campaign of cyber-attacks and fake news stories, which harmed the Democrats candidate, Hilary Clinton. Besides, it is also alleged that senior member of Trump’s team covertly held meetings with several Russian officials.

The president later also tweeted that Mueller and “his gang of Democrat thugs” were destroying people, and blasted social media giants for biased coverage towards his administration and the Republicans.

However, an air of expectation, now surrounds Mueller’s name because his claims are certainly awakening the fact that “witch hunt” might just end up hunting Donald Trump.

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