Italy May Leave EU and Launch its Own Currency: Mark Grant

Last updated on November 19th, 2018

Italy is possible to follow in the footsteps of Britain and leave the European Union and the Eurozone in order to launch “their own currency”. The move is wildly on cards for the nation because it demands the Eurosceptic Lega-M5s government to change its 2019 plans, strategist Mark Grant informed.

The government of Italy has denied to change their budget proposal for 2019, despite the European Union discarding the plan. Brussels also issued a warning to Rome, stating that the bloc will severely charge penalties, if their demands are not fulfilled by the end of November.

The current drift of words between the Italian Republic and Eurocrats has forecasted that coming months may witness the country completely abandoning both, the bloc and the Eurozone.

In his statement give to Bloomberg, Mark Grant said, “I think Europe is about to find itself in a great deal of difficulty depending on what they do to Italy. It may even get to the point where Italy is going to introduce their own currency or even pull out of the European Union.” Adding further he said, ‘this also depends upon how the rest of Europa responds.’

Italy’s deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini aggressively commented on the matter and slammed Brussels, calling it to stop bothering about Italy’s government. He further claimed that Brussels is full of “scribblers” sending his government letters “every 15 minutes” and called on the EU to stop “breaking our b***s” on the disputed budget proposals.

Salvini even mocked the TV host when he asked him “How is Europe doing?”, as he laughed on the question and replied, “They’re doing well, aren’t they? “They’re helping us on all fronts. Europe has helped us on immigration, on agriculture, they’re letting Italy make wine without grapes, getting rice from Cambodia, wheat from Turkey, rotten fish from the other side of the world.”

It is highly unlikely that the two sides will sit down and consider reaching a mutual decision regarding the budget. Therefore, given the trend it won’t be a big surprise if EU imposes huge sums of fine on Italy or conversely, Italy decides to leaves the bloc even earlier.

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