Europe Identity Crisis: Youth Oppose Norms of Democracy

Last updated on December 16th, 2018

Youth to any nation are practitioners that hold the key to success of a nation’s tomorrow. However, in Europe the concept has descended to a level that it is challenging the norms of democracy and hollowing the real meaning of nationalism. The clash of civilization is engulfing the continent, and Islam, on that front is the biggest sufferer.

History has witnessed some major events, from The Great Depression that lasted about a decade (1929-1939), to the fall of the Berlin wall, and the fall of the Soviet Union. Each marked a huge impact on the economic progressions of the country. However, even after such major falls, one beat that kept the world believing in Europe was the concept of reunification, introduced by the European Union (EU). At that time, almost all the countries of the central and eastern Europe, alongside a handful of the western world, felt the need to be a part of the EU. It appeared as though EU was the only remaining way to restore faith in the power of unity and democracy.

What did it Achieve Though?

Within a decade of EU’s formation, the world witnessed 9/11 attacks, internal conflicts rose, political instability largely affected the markets, and the concept of unity transformed into the plan of global domination. The environment today is still the same or even more dangerous, because the peace is now directed towards individual missions, giving rise to really dangerous doctrines worldwide.

Just looking at Europe now, its existence as a political project is in quite a conundrum. The two sides of EU and Britain are fighting it out to settle Britain’s exit from the European Union. Besides, Britain’s internal conflicts, which has witnessed resignation of MP’s over the incompetency of the deal; is searching for the solutions that can save them from the parliamentary crisis. Everything going in around Europe gives a clear indication that the dividing lines are emerging thick and fast.

Ironically, in many countries, the political rift that once divided Eurosceptic and pro-Europeans seems increasingly irrelevant now because the current idea is based upon the definition given by the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán.

Orbán wants to change Europe from the inside, the purpose of which is no longer linked to the establishment of peace. In fact, it is rather linked to protecting a white, Christian European civilization, against all other civilizations; primarily Islam. This new idea implies that a pan-European political platform is now rejecting Muslim immigration and cultural liberalism. This further impacts the EU, which must set out to protect “European civilization” as its primary role.

The vision has already spread like a wildfire and has kidnapped many rightwing and far-right parties in Austria, Italy, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, the Netherlands, and France. Groups of Young French far-right have come together under the name of Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity), an organization antagonistic to “the Islamisation of Europe and mass immigration.”

Generation Identity has moved away from the real meaning of nationalism, and now foresees everything as a political movement for young people from all across Europe. Besides, the situation has built up to an extent that it’s hard to say if there ever will be a way out of it. This is especially going to be the case when the youth is fighting to establish norms that defy the real meaning of ‘democracy’.

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