Matteo Salvini: Brussels Bloc May End if the EU Agrees with Macron

Last updated on December 16th, 2018

Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini who recently showed signs of agreeing with the European Union (EU) on reducing the draft budget spending, has now issued a warning to the EU. The deputy prime minister has claimed that the Brussels Bloc would come to end if the EU agrees with the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

Salvini spoke to the press on his visit to Israel that his government has finally come up with a solution to the ongoing budget negotiation with the EU. He further highlighted that Macron’s costly measures to deal with the ‘yellow vest protests’ must not be overlooked by the EU because Italy has been sanctioned on the same lines.

France is in the midst of riots and the president, in order to deal with the situation, announced measures like raise on wages, which will leave France with a bigger Financial deficit than Italy.

Matteo Salvini said, “I trust in Brussels’ common sense and I refuse to imagine that they would act as nothing happened in the face of Macron’s request of billions because he is obviously struggling while they reject Italians’ demands.” Further adding, “It would really be the end of this European Union.”

Clemens Fuest, President of Germany’s IFO Institute, also quoted on the same lines and highlighted that the same disciplinary procedure must be followed by the EU for France as for Italy. He further said, “Macron’s response suggests that a rioting and pillaging mob can dictate politics, while those who demonstrate peacefully – or not at all – are ignored. France should face the normal procedure from the Commission. It would be quite wrong if Italy is subjected to all this criticism while the French do what they want.”

Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte earlier set its deficit spending to 2.4 percent in order to carry out the reforms, which his party has largely promised to the people of Italy. However, following the rejections from Brussels, the nation decided to adjust its spending patterns.

Macron’s leadership hangs by the cliff at this moment. The president has nowhere to hide, with the vote of no confidence awaiting to add salt to his wounds.

The way France moves ahead with its decision, will now not only have its say on their nation, but also on Italy, and eventually on EU, which Salvini has already called out publicly in his statement.

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