Hungary’s Protest at One Point ‘United’ the Opposition to Viktor Orban

Last updated on December 25th, 2018

Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban whose ideology has started hollowing the roots of nationalism in Europe, is also reportedly on an individual mission to become the conqueror of the continent. Interestingly, George Soros is directing the play behind the scenes.

Orban’s mission primarily begins with reclaiming the rights of his country’s people, in order to take control of the proceedings. However, from far-right to left, the opposition parties across Hungary’s political spectrum have joined hands to fight against Viktor’s authoritarian rule.

Thousands of Hungarians gathered and marched through Budapest, chanting slogans “Vik-ta-tor (an amalgamation of Viktor and dictator) and waved pro-democracy slogans. The uprising in the nation is a result of government passed laws, which will reportedly tighten Orban’s grip on the nation.

One of the newly passed laws by the government implies that employers can now demand the employees do up to 400 hours of overtime annually, up from 250 hours; a move largely dubbed as “slave law” by the critics. The demonstrations which initially began against the overtime law, last week, have already seen several days of protests against Viktor Orban.

On Sunday, the demonstrations took place in Budapest and witnessed as many as 11,000 people who peacefully protested and marched towards the parliament. The police confirmed that there were protests outside Budapest in seven cities including Debrecen, Gyor, Szeged, Bekescsaba and Miskolc.

The ongoing demonstrations in Hungary ask the government to fulfill five requirements: for the labor law to be abolished, a decrease of the police force’s work hours, an independent judiciary, for Hungary to join the European Public Prosecutor’s office and independent media house.

On Monday evening, thousands gathered outside Hungary’s state-run broadcaster MTVA, and shouted: “we’ve had enough.” The same day opposition lawmakers entered the MTVA headquarters and read out five demands on television. “State media is making no mention of their presence or demands. But there is news on migrants,” tweeted journalist Benjamin Novak.
“We are here to try to recapture … democracy,” Péter Jakab, a spokesman for the Jobbik party, told CNN from inside MTVA on Monday. “At the moment armed guards are protecting an institution producing fake news … what will happen? We do not know. Life is the biggest director.”

“The opposition is calling on people to commit acts of violence against police,” the Prime Minister’s office said on Monday of the protests. It also claimed that organizers included “a great number of ‘George Soros’s subsidized people.”

George Soros is a Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist, who has largely criticized Viktor Orban for his actions. Besides, the message from the protests pretty evidently points out that Hungarians aren’t going to sit back and let Viktor Orban tighten his grip initially on Hungary, and then all throughout Europe.

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