Isolation Stands Next as Britain Leaves EU and Falls Prey to Trump’s Rule Book

Last updated on December 29th, 2018

Britain leaving the European Union (EU) is probably the most heated topic of 2018, and while the larger part of the argument foresees Britain establishing a separate identity, the exit might just end up isolating the nation.

The world is a cruel place and as Britain steps into 2019, with the Brexit deadline drawing closer, no-mate Britain will allegedly be viewed as the specter of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Claiming to understand Trump would be the biggest lie to state. However, following his pattern of interests and his stance, it is acceptable that his self-created definitions are entirely based upon assumptions. To draw reference, Britain’s claim to a “special relationship” with Washington, which is huffed to an embarrassing tangent of anachronism, clearly portrays how deep the relationship between the two economies runs.

The US president is dangerous, irrational, chaotic, fueled by self-interests, believes in insults and lies, is ignorant, and takes contradictory stance. Besides, regularly mocking the United Nations, The European Union, NATO, the International Criminal Court, and many more, he encourages the wave of bad behavior everywhere.

Likewise, to survive in a fantasy world created post Brexit, Britain will have to adopt the similar framework, laws, regulations, diplomatic conventions and commercial codes, which have maintained political stability in the UK since 1945. Besides, carefully observing Trump, it can easily be noticed that this is what he has done, with a clear motive to exploit the roots.

To survive by itself, Britain will have to start all over again; for instance, if there be a US trade deal with supplicant Britain, it will have to be signed on Trump’s “America First” terms. Conversely, if Britain thwarts over the terms of agreements, it might just end up facing the same fate as China is currently facing.

In Trump’s world, there is no space for friendship, either you serve his purpose or are denounced at the world stage. Another reference to which can be drawn from Trump’s deliberate move of pushing Iran to the limit with its 2015 nuclear deal withdrawal. Trump denounced the nation and its deal, by saying it only benefited Iran, yet again stating what “America first” really means to him.

The US President’s hostility to existing military developments overseas, i.e. his most recent decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan – despite UK’s call to not do so – also clearly shows what’s in store for Britain next.

As it stands, Trump supports Saudi Arabia despite the global outrage to abandon the kingdom over the killing of Saudi journalist and critic, Jamal Khashoggi. The simple motive of which is to extract more oil from the kingdom, especially after the sanctioning of Iran.

So forgetting the challenges posed by the Irish Backstop plan for a minute, the ongoing parliamentary crisis, and even the falling value of Pound, who can stop Trump from imposing his wills on Britain; needs an outright answer.

Clearly, fear is the new trend this world functions upon, and Donald Trump on that front is the prime cause. Contrarily, even if Britain ignores Trump and foresees no real interest in the US, will Russia and Putin be a better option? Especially since, it was claimed that Russia had continuously violated British sea, air, and cyberspace.

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