African Youth Group Becomes a Victim to Far-Right Activist in Melbourne

A popular Melbourne beach, where a number of assaults took place this month, witnessed another such incident against a group of Africans. The incident escalated with some notorious far-right activists filming the Africans playing at the beach. One of the Africans was also restrained and pepper sprayed by the police.

The incident occurred at St Kilda Beach on a Friday evening, and the entire ugly episode was captured on camera by a 32-year-old activist linked to the United Patriot Front.

The video clip depicts the group playing with a soccer ball around a footpath and playing music, as they were being recorded by Erikson. The group then angrily approaches towards Erikson asking why he is recording them, before they are intervened by police officers who were present nearby.

The footage later shows a terse conversation between two policemen and Erikson, as the other officers talk to the African men in the background.

An officer asks, “I need to understand why you are escalating the situation,” to which Erikson responded that since he was in a public area, he had the right to film the group.

The activists are seen sticking to their position, despite the officers’ request for them to move along.

Suddenly, the footage then cuts to officers tackling one of the African men, and a voice saying “yes, yes, yes” in the background, as the cameraman zooms in to the police pinning the man down.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman informed that a 25-year-old African was arrested for allegedly attempting to assault police officers.

“One of the males refused to move on after multiple warnings and was arrested,” the spokeswoman said.

“Police were forced to deploy OC spray on the male as he attempted to assault police and resist arrest,” she added.

The spokeswoman also stated that the officers had approached a group of 15 males, some of which were also being verbally abusive.

The cameraman, Erikson has been convicted and fined previously for instigating scorn and ridicule of Muslims.

In a video, he chanted “Allahu Akbar”, while spilling fake blood on the footpath and wall of a garden bed, near the Bendigo City Council offices, along with the United Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell and Christopher Neil Shortis.

The protests by the group were against the construction of the Bendigo mosque.

The United Patriots Front, and far-right activists like Erikson have been engaged in acts that depict a strong antipathy against various minorities. The conservative ideologies of such people and groups have gone against the nationals of other countries visiting their territory. This is evident in Friday’s incident, where the African men clearly got trapped due to the misconduct of Erikson.

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