Nancy Pelosi Defeats All Odds to Become House Speaker

Last updated on January 6th, 2019

The new democratic-held house officially voted, Nancy Pelosi as its speaker on Thursday. The result implies that she would now begin her second session leading the House, after being in the control of the Republicans for the past eight years.

Nancy Pelosi, 78, has become in charge at a time when the child-minded President of the United States, Donald Trump, is showing no signs to call-off the partial shutdown of the government. She received 220 votes out of a possible 430, comfortably winning. Especially, after numerous Democrats showed signs of opposing her. However, post result, it was found that only 15 members of the party voted against the representative present on the House floor.

Nancy Pelosi is the first woman to serve as a speaker, and she takes charge of the position on the 13th day of the partial shutdown, over the largely debated proposed border wall.

We enter this new Congress with a sense of great hope and confidence for the future and deep humility,” Pelosi said in remarks, shortly after being elected to the speakership.
“Our nation is at a historic moment,” she continued. “Two months ago, the American people spoke and demanded a new dawn.”

Laying emphasis on the notion of moving ahead, she also highlighted the plan for Democrats to pass a legislative package later in the day on Thursday, in an ode to get the government to end the partial shutdown, which is already into its second week.

Nancy Pelosi, did not lay much emphasis to Trump’s demand of $5 billion to build the wall. However, she spoke about other priorities and remarked that climate change, as well as income inequality, need to addressed as soon as possible.

Besides, Pelosi’s road to regaining the position was not easy and the Democrat was slammed on numerous occasions by the Republicans. However, she showcased some brilliant deal-making abilities ahead of the final vote, which helped her defeat the odds, as she once again powered herself up to the coveted position.

“I see myself as a bridge to the next generation of leaders, a recognition of my continuing responsibility to mentor and advance new members into positions of power and responsibility in the House Democratic Caucus,” Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

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