Matteo Salvini Initiates Eurosceptic Continent with Poland

Last updated on January 12th, 2019

Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and far-right interior minister, has said that Italy and Poland could initiate a “European spring” which could break the dominant “Germany-France axis” as he looks forward to forging a far-right alliance, just months before the European parliamentary elections in May.

Matteo Salvini has been a critic of immigration, Muslims and has showcased support for other Eurosceptic views. He has opposed the basis of the European Union.

Italy’s far-right interior minister travelled to Poland on Wednesday for devising his comprehensive plans with members of the ruling Law and Justice party.

The two parties share the same views and thus plausibly looked forward to eliminating obstacles and tightening their grip on Europe.

Salvini along with Polish interior minister, Joachim Brudziński, in a press conference said that the elections in Europe have the ability to bring about a “renaissance of European values” and “lead us away from the one that is run by bureaucrats”.

Brudziński praised Salvini’s approach, and also showed support for closing off Italian port to migrant boats, adding the two countries share same values and goals such as “strengthening borders” and helping to improve conditions in migrant’s home countries.

Salvini has been midst a lot of things recently, from fighting the EU over revising their budget spending to bashing them for not taking the strict action on deficit financing against France, and promoting the Pan-European ideology, all allegedly linked with showcasing his hold on the continent.

Besides, he has also openly promoted the idea of forming Pan-European network of nationalist parties, proof of which is the formation of a coalition with its former arch-rival, the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), last June.

At the same time, Salvini’s coalition partner, Luigi Di Maio, has also announced that it is working on an election manifesto with European populist party, which is reportedly in links with M5S.

“They are young but they have an ever-increasing consensus,” Di Maio wrote on Facebook. “They are the coolest and most beautiful energies in Europe. Our dream is a Europe with more social rights, more innovation and less privileges. A Europe that puts the needs of its citizens first.”

Contrarily, trying to save his agenda, Salvini also forged a partnership with the French far-right leader, Marine Le Pen. In October, with Le Pen he stated that the EU elections would trigger a new era “common sense” nationalist parties work, and restore the values of democracy.

Apart from Salvini, Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban is also a part of the alliance, who also firmly believes in controlling entire Europe and taking away democracy from the people.

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