Europe: From Theater of Dreams to Theater of Chaos as 2019 Hits Hard

From far-right to the left, from immigration to asylums, from the second referendum to Brexit, and from investors to the falling stock market, in recent times, Europe has become a theatrical place itself and the global leaders on that front, merely players.

William Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” and the phenomenon today is not only true as far as human beings are concerned, but also goes hand in hand with the continent of Europe.

While 2018 was the year that saw too many controversies, it is expected that the drama and monody played by European leaders will cast different spells of magic on the continent in 2019. To begin with, the biggest controversy of Britain leaving the European Union (EU), i.e., Brexit, is one of the of the root cause of investor’s falling confidence in the continent.

Besides, not only is Britain leaving EU, in May, voters in the remaining 27 member states will elect a new European Parliament and end the majority that the two big political groups – the Christian democrats and social democrats – have enjoyed in the European institutions for decades.

Shifting focus from Britain, a lot is expected from Denmark as it polls in the spring. Poland faces a divisive general election by November; in September the hard-right Alternative for German party is expected to advance in four eastern German states. And the ongoing far-right political protest in Hungary to restore democracy is also likely to catch pace.

Europe, as it established European Union, had only a dream to function as one. However, that is certainly not happening, given the current dynamics of the nation.

The year ahead is confusing, and has an infinite number of twists and turns, as one side sets out to integrate Europe of Christian nation states against a post-modern and liberal continent, which earlier accepted the norms of immigration and globalization as a part of the process.

Having said that, nationalism in Europe is getting hollowed and the sole credit for it goes to the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, a man who dreams to rule Europe and make Islam suffer. Working on the same lines, and often mucking about the destruction as a solution to everything, is the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini.

The Deputy PM recently bashed the EU against his rival, Emmanuel Macron, the French President, for not taking the same steps against France, as against Italy for deficit financing. Further joining the alliance is Angela Merkel, Germany’s outgoing chancellor, who had always led a hard-nosed response to Eurozone debt crisis and had also allowed migrants in 2015 – a norm largely debated.

It is utterly chaotic to see the direction in which this continent is headed to. The plain truth on political dimension is really frightening at this point.

From Salvini’s habit of making the bait fall on EU for one or the other reason, Macron’s ratings which have hit a new low despite his attempts to preserve democracy, to Theresa May’s stubbed mind on withdrawing from the EU despite a huge uproar for the second referendum; all and much more is to engulf Europe as 2019 hits the continent in a way it was never expected to.

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