US-China Trade War: High-Spirited President Hopeful of ‘Changes in Economic Policies’

Last updated on February 3rd, 2019

Donald Trump, President of the US on Thursday, was high-spirited after another round of trade talks between the US and China. He said, an accord that includes his demands for Beijing to change its economic policies was possible. Nonetheless, the possibility of introducing new sanctions and increasing the existing ones – if a new deal isn’t struck – was still a part of the plan.

Asked in his Oval Office, where he was meeting with China’s top negotiator, whether a deal was possible, the President said he wasn’t sure. “We have to get this put on paper at some point if we agree,” adding that, on some points “we don’t agree to yet, but I think we will agree.”

Trump praised his administration and expressed “tremendous progress” on a number of problematic points, including technology transfers and intellectual property theft, which have already been made.

In his office, Trump commanded that a letter read out loud by Chinese President, Xi Jinping, expressed hope on meeting halfway in their trade talks. The letter also showcased that Xi was delighted with his work and personal relations with Trump. The remarks came as the trade talks were to continue on the second day in Washington.

US officials also affirmed that the discussions between the US and China are witnessing steady progress, and a mini-deal should be enough for Trump to claim victory.

“No final deal will be made until my friend President Xi, and I, meet in the near future to discuss and agree on some of the long-standing and more difficult points,” Trump tweeted.

The US President emphasized in his remarks from the office that he will accept only a comprehensive deal, and suggested it may also pass the deadline, which is March 1. The White House, however, said that the deadline won’t be extended.

Trump has made changing the US-China relationship to the core, as a foremost objective of his presidency. He initially did so by pulling out of a planned multi-trade agreement trade deal, which was signed by the Obama’s administration, and then by launching a trade war to make the nation suffer.

However, the dispute witnessed steady progress after the two leaders met in Argentina, and agreed for a 90-day negotiation period.

“I want to do real things, like the deal with China,” Trump told reporters. “I want it to be a real deal. I could do a deal with China where people would say, ‘Isn’t that wonderful?’ It’s not wonderful, I have to do the real deal. We have to open up China.”

Trump’s disdainful attitude has already costed America in the past, and his claims of the comprehensive plan and doing real things this time, might also spell trouble for Americans. However, it would still be interesting to see what happens when the two leaders meet in Washington in the coming weeks.

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