Trump Mentions ‘Other Ways’ for Funds while Leading a Non-profit with Erik Prince

Last updated on June 23rd, 2019

President Donald Trump failed to gain the support of Democrats for his border wall. So, he is no longer reliant on them and has instead found new help in private defense contractors and advocates of restrictionist immigration policy. The recent indulgence of Trump’s ‘influential friends’ of the likes of Steve Bannon and Erik Prince proves that. He is assured of the fulfilment of his dream project – the US-Mexican border wall even without the Democrat’s support. Prince, the infamous defense contractor with close ties with the UAE has found himself a place in a right wing non-profit campaign called ‘We Build The Wall’. The border wall project, which was once reliant on government funds and approval has fully been privatized with private funds, land and friend circle.

According to a 2015 interview of President Trump, as a ‘builder’ it is “very easy” for him to build a 1,900-mile wall as compared to a 95-storey building. In spite of which he had no trouble shaking hands with a notorious defense contractor like Erik Prince, who has had links with the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, in the White Lobbying scandal and was involved in the infamous Seychelles meeting.

Privatizing Wars to Border Wall Project

A bunch of infamous and outspoken Trump supporters met on the southern border town of McAllen Texas to discuss the border wall project. The meet that appeared to be another #MAGA trip was actually held to discuss the border wall campaign’s privatization under the non-profit GoFundMe campaign, ‘We Build The Wall’.

Steve Bannon, the ex-Trump strategist; Kris Kobach, former Kansas Secretary of State; Tom Tancredo, former Colorado Rep.; David Clarke, former Sheriff, and Curt Schilling, baseball legend, marked their presence at the meet. Meanwhile, founder of the shady defense contracting firm Blackwater, Erik Prince, was called in South Africa.

Trump, who had been fighting the Congress that denied him the funding of $5.7 billion for his border wall, has now found allies open to the idea of privatizing the campaign. The President’s backers have sought initiating talks with the Israeli firm responsible for constructing the fence on the country’s border shared with the Gaza Strip. The team also constitutes the advisory board, audit committee, construction, finance, PR, administration, media, operations, and ongoing fundraising positions in the ‘We Build The Wall’ campaign.

The reports emerged as Donald Trump ‘blessed’ the project in his conversation last month with Kobach. Kobach is one of the most distinguished advocates of restrictionist immigration policy. “It’s something that’s never been done, and it’s a very big project, but we’re going to give it our all,” said Brian Kolfage, the Iraq War veteran who was the one to initiate the GoFundMe in December. Meanwhile, recently when Democrats stuck to their decision of allotting only $1.3 billion for building a 500-mile long wall, Trump did show disappointment but denied the idea of a second shutdown. However, he raised some eyebrows when he tweeted about other sources of funds while leading a campaign with Erik Prince. He wrote, “looking over all aspects knowing that this will be hooked up with lots of money from other sources”, hinting about his acceptance of the deal, but also about other channels through which he might take funds for building the US-Mexican border wall.

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