Why Trump’s Decision On Syria is Influenced by Turkey?

Considered one of the greatest traits, “man of his words” by no means suits the US President. Justifying his personality just right, Donald Trump reversed his two-months-old decision that had left his country and world leaders shook.

In December, it was announced that the US will withdraw all its 2,000 troops from Syria, fighting against the ISIS group in the Middle Eastern nation. However, the numbers were recently reduced by Trump.

The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced last week, that “200 troops” would still remain in Syria, as the US wants to bring their military personnel home under “complete safety”. It was later reported that the number of troops that’ll remain in the war-torn country are 400.

Trump has apparently changed his mind, after severe retaliation from the US lawmakers, the Pentagon and the Europe. While the critics are pretty satisfied with the announcement, Russia and Syria are on a completely distinct track.

On Wednesday, the two countries issued a joint statement, calling for the US President to end the American presence in Syria. Thousands of Syrian refugees at the Rukban camp near the Syria-Jordan border are living harsh conditions, despite the Russian attempts of setting up “humanitarian corridors” through the region last week.

“We also call on the United States, whose military units are on Syrian territory illegally, to leave the country,” the joint statement read.
The Russian Ministry of Defence stated that the forces from both the nations had been striving to relocate refugees at the south-eastern part. Besides, they had also arranged buses to relocate the refugees in the Rukban area, and that they would guarantee them safe passage for an enhanced life.

While it is being considered that the US President’s decision-reversal is a result of excessive criticism, the fact is diametrically opposite. As per the reports, Trump’s announcement to keep troops in Syria came after his phone conversation with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is looking to establish a safe zone along the Turkey-Syria border.

The reality behind the decision made by Trump came as ‘absurd’, since the statement of troop withdrawal was also influenced by the Turkish leader. The actual reason behind a shift; Erdogan seems to be brainwashing the US President as per his convenience.

It was earlier reported that Turkey’s intentions behind ending American presence in Syria was to attack the Kurds. However, before the implementation of withdrawal, Trump had warned them of any attack, saying that he will “devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds”.

With the change in Turkey’s objective, President Trump’s goals have also taken a 360 degree turn. While the suspicion over the relationship between the two leaders is not clear, it is just leading to escalating speculations from the critics.

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