Fidesz’s Suspension from EPP Makes no Difference to Orban’s Arrogance

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s reign has suffered a major blow on Wednesday after his party was suspended from European’s People Party (EPP). The move came after Hungarian-government tried sponsoring an attack on European Commission’s President, Jean-Claude Juncker, which drastically failed and instead backfired.

The autocratic leader’s Fidesz party has often maintained a stiff stand over issues such as immigration, showcased will to control the entire continent, and has passed on resolutions in the nation, deemed equivalent to slavery law.

The embalming reign of Orban to promote Eurosceptic norm was a challenge for a very long period of time. However, it partially changed as the decision to oust his party came in. The Prime Minister, following which, apologized for some of his most controversial remarks. He also offered to replace some billboards that promoted a scheme by financier George Soros and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

‘Full of Air, Though Vanquished’

However, Orban’s ideology recoiled back to square one as soon as Sunday, when he signaled of resuming media campaigns against European Union bodies. In his interview with public radio he said, “People are a bit angry with us in Brussels because, at the start of the European Parliament election campaign, we ran an information campaign in Hungary, essentially exposing what Brussels was up to.” “We have exposed them and, naturally, they are angry,” the prime minister said once again targeting Juncker and Soros.

He also claimed to be facing the toughest challenge without even blinking, besides affirming that he would persist on holding what he bills as “information campaigns” ahead of the European elections.

Orban, apart from Juncker, has also bulldozed attacks on European Commission’s First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, the European Socialist candidate to succeed Juncker after the May elections.

Orban has called Timmermans as out-of-touch Brussels bureaucrat, who he believes is living in the “bubble”.

“Just this week there was a vote transforming the Dutch upper house, where the party of this Timmermans fell over spectacularly. He has lost the confidence of the people. And meanwhile, he comes to Budapest and tours European capitals to lecture us about democracy,” Orban said shunning Timmermans through process.

As it stands, the outcome of the European vote is to determine if Fidesz will continue to be a part of the EPP group or will it seek a new alliance in Europe, as elections approach in May.

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