Gantz or Netanyahu: Why Must Israeli’s Think Twice Before Voting

In what has now become a battle of wits between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top political rival Benny Gantz, the former said escalating rockets from Gaza Strip is intolerable. He also suggested that the Hamas rulers of the territory are at risk of assassination. The statement came after Gaza’s attack on Israeli territory led to 7 people getting injured.

Speaking from the annual conference of the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby, former military chief, Gantz of the Blue & White party mixed the hardline security positions with a call for unity at the meeting.

The anarchic reign of Netanyahu and his quest to become the longest-serving Prime Minister is what Gantz has perceived as a danger to the people of Israel. “No Israeli leader is king,” is how, Gantz kicked off his campaign in less than three months before Israelis go to the polls. “I thank prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his 10 years of service. We will continue from here,” he added in order to state the need for change.

On a broader parameter even if it is acceptable for the nation to need a new leader in order to root out the problems and move ahead, how does Gantz help still needs clarity. With absolutely no political experience, the former army chief has appealed to the voters to back him because ‘he is not Netanyahu’.

Climbing Israel’s political stature, and understanding what the present situation has in store, two different scenarios can be drawn. At the forefront is Netanyahu’s close relationship with the US, and the political experience, which his rival has no idea about. Secondly, Netanyahu infamous links with corruption, the grounds on which his rival has become a new favorite.

Gantz has sought to appeal to both sides of the country, where political divisions run deep. His political insight spread around the nation states: “There is no more right and left, there is only Israel before everything,” and the rhyme of togetherness is already working.

The perception of starting over again, and scrapping away a spoilt past has invited waves of positive promises in the nation. Besides, looking back at history of Israel’s politics also reveals that voters especially likely to elect candidates from a military background.

However, the fight between the two leaders isn’t single-handedly falling into Gantz’s court. This is because Gantz, being an army veteran, understands what’s going on in the territories around him. He very well knows the problems with Gaza and what’s happening in Jenin refugee camps. He knows how the longest catastrophe in the history of mankind has been at the heart of every major step taken by the government. Yet, he has nothing in offering for people, but only a promise that he is better than their current leader.

The probable outcome, thus, has drawn uncertainty because of the need for change and the reliability on the fact that the right and left can co-exist. However, playing the advantage card, a recent poll concluded that Gantz’s bloc could win more votes. Nevertheless, what it didn’t conclude was the clear path that Netanyahu has in forming a governing coalition, despite charges of corruption against him.

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