After US, trade war spills over to China-Canada

Last updated on April 11th, 2019

China’s unethical trade practices have been condemned internationally, with several countries waging a trade war against Beijing. After the United States, Canada has recently joined the league of countries being bullied by China.

The US levied a number of tariffs on China, as a counter-blow for trade abuse and theft of intellectual property. But it seems like China isn’t resentful at all.

Beijing, recently, jailed two Canadians amid conjecture of espionage, and it also cut canola imports with an annual worth of $2.7 billion. It has impacted over 40 per cent of Canada’s total canola exports.

China’s irrational moves sparked off after Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was detained in Vancouver on charges of fraudulence in the US. However, she was released on bail and awaits an extradition hearing next month.

This arrest was not splenetic, just like China’s handling of the two Canadians, but it accounted for a legally binding requirement under extradition pacts.

Canada was bound to arrest her, following a formal request by the US, and start a trail into the merits of US charges. She may be freed, or sent back to the US. The retaliation measures taken by China are inordinate, and must be dealt with corresponding actions.

Its high time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should announce some counter measures against China, including the imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods, banning Huawei from undertaking crucial telecom work, along with revising the trade policies and financial packages to exporters.

It is self-evident that China offers a huge trading market, but it’s certainly not the only resort. There are countries, which broad market that don’t imprison innocent people or bilaterally abolish trade pacts.

In fact, China is also dependent on countries like US and Canada for major imports, so the other way round, it must start respecting bilateral agreements and international trade law.

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