Seeking Far-Right Alliance Salvini calls Meetup in Milan

As European elections approach in May, Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister and far-right leader, is once again busy promoting Eurosceptic norms. The far-right ideologist is currently looking to position himself in the pick of the things, and will host a gathering of European far-right parties in Milan next week. The meeting will be directed towards building an alliance before elections in May.

However, it is still not clear whether any coalition will work, given the fact that policies promoted by Salvini call for norms such as, anti-immigration, and griping control over every major policy of the continent.

Europe’s rightwing populists are in power in Italy, Hungary, Austria and Poland. In addition to maintaining presence in countries like France and the Netherlands. According to the reports by Italian media, as many as 20 countries have been invited to the event.

As of now, only Germany’s far-right AfD party has said it would be sending a representative to the event.

Salvini said last week that partners in other EU countries were now “calling me” to begin cooperation. “The difference between us and others is that they have to go abroad to seek alliances … but the League invites European movements to Italy, our country has become central, thanks to this government,” he said, after announcing next week’s event.

Salvini’s league manifesto for the European Elections also said it will “underline and reaffirm common Christian roots, defend national identity and the supremacy of the Italian constitution over European laws and directives”.

The problems with Europe run deeper, and what looks like a small patch of disturbance from the outside, is actually a tip of the iceberg. Youths all across the continent have started falling prey to the ideology of bashing immigrants, and especially Muslims, and have taken anti-nationalist stands. The reason for which has been Salvini’s promotion of his Eurosceptic ideas, and speaking of things such as breaking the “Germany-France axis” of domination on the continent.

The same idea has also been backed by French far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who has even showed interest in forming an alliance with Salvini. However, he is not planning to join the meeting in Milan, but it still remains unclear if someone else from his party would join the meetup in Milan or not.

Apart from French far-right, the brightest chances of him forming any sort of alliance are with the Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, who has even referred to Salvini as a “hero in my eyes”.

Orban’s Fidesz party was recently suspended from the Brussels bloc of European’s People party, but is now a member once again. However, Orban conveyed that “After the European elections, in Fidesz we’ll decide what is best for Hungary: whether we should continue within the People’s party or whether our place is instead in some kind of new party alliance.”

Therefore, as the invitees gather in Milan, it would be exciting to witness who nods positively to Salvini’s plans of closing the door in Democracy’s face.

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