Netanyahu’s victory could threaten Israeli democracy

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to emerge victorious in the 2019 elections, the democracy in Israel will get up the creek. His record fifth term in the office may have dire consequences for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Netanyahu’s term, so far, can be described as illiberal and monolithic, which runs in the anti-democratic directions.

Israel’s Attorney General, Aluf Avichai Mandelblit has claimed that some of Netanyahu’s behavior demonstrated criminality, for which he could be indicted in the coming months. However, he will probably pass a law to avoid any prosecution during his time in office.

If Benjamin Netanyahu secures the fifth term, he can easily continue his crackdown on critics to consolidate power, come what may. His way of running the country is undermining the foundations of Israeli democracy.

Furthermore, Netanyahu is not determined to resolve the long-standing conflict with the Palestinians, who have been struggling to preserve their occupancy on the disputed land. His government is on an acquiring spree, thereby occupying the Palestinian land forcibly without being considerate of Palestinians.

While concluding his 2019 campaign, Netanyahu assured the Israelis of his plans to annex West Bank settlements, hinting towards a permanent occupation and, eventually, ouster.

Although democratically elected, Netanyahu is nothing less than a dictator, who cannot stand critics. The prime minister has records of buying off the private media that gave a platform to the opinions of the marginalized Arab minority in the region.

The absence of freedom of press clearly indicates the regression of democracy. In Israel, the government controls the major independent media houses, which enables the government to out-turn their misconduct.

The recent elections have manifested the deep divisions among the Israelis. They have not only chosen a tyrant for an embattled incumbent, but they have also put their country on the verge of acute crisis.

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