Orban’s Far-right Ideology is Now Making the Migrants Suffer

European Parliament's plenary debate on Hungary with Viktor ORBAN, Hungarian Prime Minister
Last updated on April 29th, 2019

Promoting Eurosceptic norms at mass, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has once again proved that his far-right ideology is well and truly implemented in his nation. According to reports, Hungarian authorities are systematically denying food to those who have failed to obtain asylum and are putting up in the country’s border transit zones, right activists said.

Orban, who maintains a hard-nosed stand against migrants, deems that they are a financial burden on the country. His immigration policy, whereby adults whose claims have been rejected and are starving of hunger, is another example of mistreatment.

However, the move has been shunned by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, a human rights organization working to offer legal support to those in transit zones. The organization claimed that such an activity may lead to “inhuman treatment and even to torture”.

Previously suspended from the European’s People Party, Orban claimed he still won’t stop spreading his Eurosceptic norms. Besides, insisting that he would look for new alliance in the near future.

Hungary’s Prime Minister is pretty clear on his terms and as to what he wants not only in his nation, but in the entire continent. Thus putting his nationalist ideology at the forefront, the far-right ideologist recently revised the terms of working conditions in his nation, which the people opposing to him billed as equivalent to labor laws.

Even in 2015, he ordered a fence to build along the country’s southern border with Serbia, besides continuously railing against the perils of migration in his speech. The asylum laws in the nation went strict in July last year, whereby that anyone who arrives from a safe country was ineligible for the status. The move meant that most people arriving from Serbia were automatically denied because of the nation’s safe status.

Orban’s spokesman, Zoltan Kovacs, however, dismissed the criticism of the policy and the moves such as withholding of food, stating that authorities gave “everything for people who have a legal right to stay in the transit zone”. Besides, adding that food wasn’t rightly offered to those who are ineligible of the status. “It’s a business-like approach. When business is finished, there’s nothing we can do.”

Last year, Hungary accepted 349 applications, from regions such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, though it is not immediately clear how many of these came before laws changed in July.

“The idea is that if you make people hungry enough, you’ll force them to go back to Serbia,” said Marta Pardavi, the co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. “This would mean they enter Serbia in a way that is completely unauthorized by Serbian authorities.”

Currently, Orban and his party, Fidesz, still continue to campaign on anti-immigration for the upcoming European Parliamentary elections, but the extent of party’s success is still hugely unpredictable.

Nonetheless, promoting norms or rather giving rise to movements such as generation identity crisis, Orban and his far-right ideology is not the need of the hour in Europe. Also, with the immigrants suffering menace at borders, it is only right to question if democracy in Europe is losing it’s real meaning.

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