Yellow Vest: May Day Protests and the Falling Influence of Macron

Rise of taxes and people rioting on streets. France has become quite familiar with the scenario of thousands gathering on streets to protest the economic reforms in a May Day labor demonstration, Wednesday.

Throwing stones, vandalizing streets and causing havoc in the nation, the protestors once again began their staging in a very usual way. Besides, even the police had the same kind of reply, firing back with tear gas at them.

The Interior Ministry later in the day also announced that about 1,64,500 demonstrators came on the streets, of which 28,000 of them were in Paris.

May Day protest aren’t an unusual activity in France, yet the only difference this time around was with two different scenarios. Firstly, with the fact that usual protestors took the streets and burned everything that came their way. While on the other hand, normal labor demonstrations were carried out with peace asked for abolition of social inequality.

Pondering upon what has transpired in months since the movement first initiated, even the assurances given by the French President Emmanuel Macron, could not mellow the protestors.

Attacking the carbon taxes and pension cuts, Macron would have obviously thought about the positive side of his schemes. However, they have now merely reduced to as nothing, but an outright campaign against him.

“I condemn in advance all the gratuitous violence that will be carried out,” said Laurent Berger, head of the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT), before the violent display began. “This has nothing to do with international Labor Day,” he added in an interview on France’s BFM television.

Balancing out both sides of the spectrum, Macron is certainly buried under immense pressure to reach upon a conclusion. Also, in any case, which has been highly visible with the protests, the majority has refrained him from actually carrying out what he desires.

However, a glimmer of hope that might still help the French leader is the fact that nearly 60% who initiated protest, now want them to end.

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