Trump’s Unofficial Publicist Sean Hannity Ridicules Democrats

Fox News Host, Sean Hannity and his rock-solid bond with President Donald Trump was once again put to display by the host on Monday night. During his show, Hannity issued a direct warning to his viewers, and reinstated certain facts around the special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. He also claimed that Democrats were in a “psychotic state of denial,” and everything they say on the matter is “forever meaningless.”

Hannity, while opening his show on Monday attacked the Democrats and raised questions over their handling of Mueller’s investigation and other investigations into the President.

“The Democratic mob is out of control grasping at straws,” he said. “It is officially a psychotic state of denial. This is the absolute truth and reality that the Democrats in Washington, the media mob, cannot possibly come to grips with. The reality. The truth that will set them free. They are now in a psychotic rage and it keeps spinning over and over again in their little liberal brains.”

The harsh comments implied that Democrats were once again the target, yet Hannity’s pattern of promoting a rather radical stand was once again questioned. As the host moved ahead, he claimed that the report failed to showcase any connection of Trump with Russia.

Further, focusing on Attorney General William Barr and the latest narrative surrounding him he highlighted, “The rage Trump mob’s new favorite target is, of course, William Barr. “They gotta blame somebody but themselves for the lies they told and the conspiracies and the hoax they believed and spread,” he added.

Sean Hannity in his speech though completely forgot to mention that the report, despite billing the fact that Trump was not proven guilty, still did not exonerate him. Amazingly, the host was so confident of his claims that he went on to call all the assertions made by Democrats as “meaningless”.

As things stand, the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.), on Wednesday will vote to commence the process of holding Barr in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a subpoena. This implies putting forth the request for releasing the unredacted version of the 448-page report.

The following move comes after Barr missed a Monday deadline to provide lawmakers with the report or a proper reason for not releasing the complete unredacted version.

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