US-North Korea Nuclear Negotiations: South Intervenes with an Option

Last updated on May 11th, 2019

After the second summit in February between the North Korea and the US cried foul, President Donald Trump said his administration would still closely work with the Korean leader, Kim-Jong-Un. However, at that time the President did not mention of the ways he was going to solve the problem.

Now, with less than 3 months since the meet, North Korea is already conducting weapons test and turning the situation around for the worse. However, President Trump in his most unusual way of dealing with problems, has given his support to South Korea for providing North with economic relief.

Trump expressed support for humanitarian aid to North Korea when he and South Korean President Moon Jae-in talked over phone, Tuesday. As per sources, Trump’s approval to Moon’s policy is a part of the plan to bring Kim-Jong-Un back to the table for negotiations.

“The two leaders discussed how to prevent North Korea from veering off the track of dialogue for denuclearization and how to resume the dialogue as early as possible,” said Mr. Moon’s spokeswoman, Ko Min-jung.
“President Trump assessed that South Korea’s humanitarian food aid for North Korea would be a very timely and positive step, and supported it.”

Talks between Trump and Moon came just three days after North Korea launched a number of short-range projectiles off its east coast. According to the report, the North likely tested weapons including a ballistic missile, and if the claims are true, it would imply that Kim directly breached United Nations Security Council resolutions.

North has been adamant about denuclearizing its nuclear sites and has asked Washington to uplift the sanctions. Even back in February, the talks in Hanoi collapsed after Kim demanded complete removal of sanctions, which Trump said wasn’t possible until the nation is fully denuclearized.

Now, with the autocratic leader openly testing his weapons, a clear notice has been issued to Washington, suggesting that the US must draw upon a rather professional conclusion before the talks finally move ahead.

South Korea has yet to announce a plan to ship humanitarian aid to North Korea. However, as the pattern suggests, the story despite having a direct involvement of the US and North Korea, is majorly based on Moon facilitating the dialogue between the nations. Nonetheless, will it help the US appease North Korea or not, remains to be seen, especially when humanitarian aid is keeping Kim Jong’s economy up float.

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