European Parliament Elections and the Rise of Scattered Ideologies

The upcoming European Parliament elections, and Europe’s scattered ideology filled with far-right and the left populists is becoming the continent’s new beat. With parties joining arms, forming new alliance and promoting their own norms; the continent has certainly become a playground for the world to look at.

European Parliament elections is the need of the hour, but with the bottom line that parties promote ‘coming together’ instead of ‘Eurosceptic norms’. However, the road ahead for Europe takes the continent in exactly the opposite direction. Known as the ‘Generation Identity Crisis’, the practice in the continent is becoming really prominent.

On Saturday, a meetup was called in Milan where Italy’s rabble-rouser Matteo Salvini, met France’s far right Marine Le Pen, and several other populist leaders. They bashed the European Union, migrants and Islam, and promised initiating a new era; the exact definition for identity crisis.

Besides, another major incident that rocked Europe, was the scandal that erupted this weekend in Austria. The happening led to collapse of the nation’s coalition government after the far-right vice chancellor was exposed on video, promising favors to a woman claiming to be a Russian investor.

Following the incident, new elections have also been called for in September. Nonetheless, the happening marked another major incident that has shell-shocked Europe, just days before the elections. Meanwhile, Russia’s involvement in the scenario also draws out that the nation too has deep ties with the populist parties.

“What’s strange,” said Tom Tugendhat, a Conservative Party lawmaker in Britain, “is how many of these nationalist movements seem to be in favor of Russia, not their own country.”

Meanwhile, in Britain, the situation over Brexit has invited even more turmoil, ever since the flexible extension (31 OCT) was agreed. The fight within the nation has intensified, as Remainers and Leavers Party now debate over remaining or leaving the European Union. With European Parliament elections at hand, the turnout in Britain is also expected to be highly dynamic.

Europe’s politics has been spreading all over since the financial crisis of 2008, and populist movements came into prominence after a significant number of migrants from Africa and Middle East made their way into the continent. A prolific rise in anti-Semitism, nationalist movements and polarization has become more visible than ever now.

The gauge of measurement for Europe has certainly fallen adrift of its natural path. With every leader and region, the ideas fluctuate lengths. While, majority deem Europe as a playground to establish dominance, some still believe in the idea of coming together under the banner of European Union.

Yet, if the populists are gaining traction, it is because they vow to change the European Union from within. Pressing hot-button issues of immigration, and Islamophobia over and over again, populists have swayed the mob to believe in the change they can bring.

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