Pierre Maudet breached security protocol for UAE at Geneva Airport

Pierre Maudet, a French-Swiss politician, has landed in the thick of controversy, yet again with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for corruption allegations at the Geneva airport.

It is alleged that some politicians, including the former tutelage, Pierre Maudet, failed to deliver loyal services at Geneva Airport, formerly known as Cointrin Airport.

The matter came under scrutiny two weeks after an investigation was conducted by the Geneva public prosecutor’s office at the airport. Head of the security was arrested on corruption charges.

Geneva-based lawyer and former administration board member, Fabienne Fischer said, “Pierre Maudet was not curious enough, although the warning signs were numerous and repeated. He really let a number of things pass the security check without ensuring that they were in compliance with the legal requirements.”

According to the documents obtained by a Swiss daily, RTS, Fabienne Fischer raised an alarm several times, specifically pointing out the security procedure compliance, when she was the director.

“I asked more questions than I got answers,” she said. Fischer figured out a possible conflict of interest involving Pierre Maudet and UAE’s state-owned company.

The Dnata Case, an Emirati airport services provider

In June 2018, an administrator shed light on the sensitive issue, involving the allotment of ground assistance concession to a UAE (United Arab Emirates) company, Dnata, which provides airport services. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum of the Dubai royal family, is the Chairman, Director and Chief Executive Officer at Dnata.

Dots connected with Maudet’s visit to Abu Dhabi, UAE

During the investigation, dots were connected between Pierre Maudet’s controversial visit to Abu Dhabi, UAE, and the corruption case at the Geneva Airport.

It was found that Dnata was given a ground handling service concession just four months after Pierre Maudet’s trip to the UAE in 2018, where he met with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Zayed. Was this concession deal decided during the meeting?

On March 18, 2016, Pierre Maudet, who was then tutelage of the airport, wrote to the administrator Alberto Velasco asking to recuse him in the case of allotting concessions for ground support companies because he met one of the bidding companies, wrote RTS.

As a matter of fact, “one of the companies” mentioned by Maudet could possibly be Dnata.

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