European election 2019: The territorial divide widens

Last updated on October 14th, 2019

A widening division was seen in the votes of National Rally (RN) and La Republique En Marche (LRM) and its allies in the May 26 European elections 2019. A fracture that is not only geographical but also territorial, at the RN, a peripheral vote, at LRM that of the urban centers.

At the national level, the RN and LRM listed total 45.7% of the vote. In all agglomeration strata, the cumulative scores of the two lists oscillated around this total. Except in the urban area of Paris, where the list Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV, 13.5% at the national level) got 16.3%.

As a result, the total RN-LRM reached only 40.7%, but the far right was at 12.5%, while the presidential camp leaped to 28.2%. An advantage that is still found in the municipalities of the major poles: 24% for LRM, 20.3% for the RN, a total of 44.3% of the vote, while EELV still exceeded its national score with 14.7%.

The situation is reversed in all the other strata of agglomeration of European elections 2019, where it was the far-right party that came first. In the communes of the poles, it collected 25.6% against 21.3% with LRM, for a total of 46.9%. The gap widened in municipalities belonging to the crown of a large pole: 26.1% against 20.8%, the total of both stabilized at 46.9%.

And it is still accentuated in the communes belonging to the crown of a middle pole, where the RN gathered 28.2% of the votes against 19.3% with LRM. The far-right party remained stronger in the rural communes with 27.7% against 19.6% for LRM, with a sum of 47.3% for both formations. The other political parties collected, surprisingly, homogeneous but weak scores, regardless of agglomeration strata.

If the division of both urban and peripheral votes widens, and the movement of “yellow vests” in this respect remains symptomatic, this electoral divide could foreshadow a much deeper risk.

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