Paramilitaries in Sudan Rage Havoc; Death Toll Rises to 60

Conditions in Sudan, which took a turn for worse over soaring inflation in December, have now seen at least 60 killed. In a crackdown on pro-democracy protests in the Sudanese Capital Khartoum, paramilitaries are reportedly raging havoc. As per the witnesses, forces have committed multiple sexual assaults, threatened doctors and medical workers, and even destroyed property at the medical centers.

The violence once again erupted on Monday, when forces of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) opened fire on unarmed protestors. The military though was shunned for the attack.

The catastrophe raised alarm all over the world, with the UK and Germany at the UN issuing call on Sudanese military to bar the violence. However, the move was blocked on Tuesday by China, which was also backed by Russia.

Rising wave of protests in Sudan once again erupted on April 6, just five days before President Omar al-Bashir was removed from power after ruling for 3 decades. The TMC, following the overthrow of the government, also announced that new polls would be held within the next nine months.

The protestors, however, raised concern over the time slot and argued that it was too less. Besides, they also communicated the need for fair elections and the complete eradication of the political network associated with al-Bashir’s government. Amidst a fragile environment, accords reached with the opposition, Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) were also scrapped by the paramilitary group.

As per the witness, Sulaima, interviewed by the BBC, not only TMC, but also Rapid Support Forces were “all over Khartoum”.

“They’re surrounding neighborhoods, they’re threatening people. They’re also using live ammunition. They’re everywhere. We’re not feeling safe and we don’t have trust in the security forces. It’s complete chaos.” Apart from Khartoum, heavily armed forces in huge numbers were also reported to be on the streets of Omdurman – Sudan’s second-largest city.

Correspondingly, the demonstrators are still far from giving up and have called for staging on the day of Islamic festival of Eid al-Fitr. Their action draws out a contrast to the festival that symbolizes peace and love. Therefore, it is much needed, especially with military forces continually reigning dominance and claiming innocent lives for no reason.

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