Syrian Refugees Face Bedlam Amidst Shift of Political Interests

Extent of pandemonium in Syria and havoc rage by the warring parties, the nation’s wane and fragile conditions are once again making its natives suffer. As per the reports, countries neighboring the ongoing Syrian war are sending back refugees to life threatening parts of the nation.

The move has sent shivers down the spine of human rights groups and raised a serious moral obligation, fearing mass deportations. The idea has witnessed a spike in Istanbul and Beirut, where people have been targeted by immigration authorities in recent weeks. Reportedly, more than 1,000 people were detained in Turkey’s biggest city last week, and given 30 days to repatriate.

Some refugees who were made to follow the process of deportation conveyed that they were transferred through three detention facilities. The hierarchy of passing from one center to other, witnessed them loosing possession of their mobile phones, incommunicado from families or lawyers and forced signature on paper- describing their voluntary will to return to Syria.

One Syrian man from Idlib, Mahmoud Qaddah, said: “In the eight days I spent detained, I signed more than 15 papers. They never said what they were, and there was no translator. ‘Sign and you can go home,’ they said – I didn’t think that they meant to Syria.”

Syria’s war has been a curse on humanity, with the nation becoming a new nexus of argument for warring parties, who look to derive political benefits from the zone.

Consequently, even in the Lebanese capital, refugees have opened up on their departure. Since as early as July, as a part of new government law, there have also been reports of Syrians being dismissed from their jobs. The change in law is a result of a new policy, which looks to lay emphasis on Lebanese rather than foreign nationals.

The new decree has not only put lives of thousands on stake, but also clearly presented the growing political rift between the nations. While it is already known that Turkey and Lebanon welcomed the refugees in 2012, the recent shift has come as a result of shift in the political interests.

As seen, anti-Assad opposition recently conveyed supporting Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, and thus, a change in policy was made by Lebanon. Besides, Turkey who have also made a transition in their national interests, now believe to approach war with armed opposition groups, but longer push for the regime change. The spark implies that tables have turned against civilians of Syria, who once again find themselves in the middle of nowhere.

Lebanon’s labour minister, Camille Abousleiman, said he was “simply applying the law”. “It is my job to properly regulate the labor market. To encourage Lebanese workers, as the economy isn’t doing so well, and regulate the foreign workers. If the law wasn’t implemented prior, it isn’t my burden to bear. I sympathize with Syrians dearly. I understand they don’t want to go back because it’s not safe for them,” he added.

However, since the government of Lebanon claimed that conditions in Syria stabilized, the humanitarian groups have come forward to highlight the existing scenario in nation’s north-west region. In the latest attack, a marketplace in the town of Ariha was bombed on Saturday, killing 11 and wounding more than a dozen others.

Nonetheless, Syrians who have forcibly returned to the nation, continue to report widespread corruption and activities like seizure of their property, adding salt into their wounds. Alarming, if human beings are valued below political interests.

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