Merkel Vows New Start on 30th Anniversary of Fall of Iron Curtain

Marking a pivotal movement in the history of Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban greeted German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as a part of ‘Pan-European Picnic’ anniversary. The leaders met in the city of Sopron to mark the fall of Iron Curtain in 1989.

“The picnic was the biggest mass exodus from the GDR since the construction of the wall in 1961. The picnic turned into a world event” and reflected the values of “solidarity, freedom and a humane Europe” Merkel said, thanking Hungary for playing its part in opening the borders.

German Chancellor, along with Orban, participated at the Protestant church, where hundreds of Eastern Germans took advantage of the picnic and fled west. “Sopron is an example of how much we Europeans can achieve, if we courageously stand up for our indivisible values,” Merkel said.

Ironically, the event that marks celebrating the removal of a historic barrier in Europe, also raises a question about how continent’s border should be looked at, especially at the time of prevailing diplomatic stiffness.

Orban has been critical of the Merkel’s hard-nosed policies on immigration, and has condemned the moves that allow citizens from regions of the Middle East to settle in Europe. Further, the leader in his own country has introduced laws, which have pushed the general workers into slave-like working conditions.

Nonetheless, at the meeting, Merkel avoided shunning those views and instead tried building an international movement to protect the EU’s foundation values. She also cited building a bloc, and working with the newly elected EU leadership to strengthen the continent. “Even if differences remain, we need to find the common traits,” Merkel told reporters Monday in Sopron.

Europe, in recent years has been home to many nationalistic policies and leaders, who vow to take charge of the continent and mold it accordingly. Consequently, the policies have given rise to generation identity crisis –a problem where youth of the nation have started to believe in anti-democratic stand–leading to a widespread conflict in the region.

Now, with Europe observing 30th anniversary of the fall of Iron Curtain, what should really fall next is the prevailing barrier of ideological conflicts, to ensure that differences within the continent are completely eradicated.

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