Is There Really a Way Forward to US-North Korea Nuclear Negotiations?

The hymns of progress between the US and North Korea, which have been named as progressive since the second meeting between the two sides, have yet to see a major step toward latter’s denuclearization. Last seen shaking hands at the border, President Donald Trump and his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong Un, still remain stall on their respective ideologies.

North Korea amidst diplomatic tensions once again tested missiles, maybe just to issue a warning that the regime won’t back down. Although the tests drew international attention, the spree of weapon tests, including the latest on Friday, carry only a potential downside for Pyongyang.

The implications of moves mean that the already suffering economy can falter even more, especially as the US remain adamant over not lifting up the sanctions. However, Trump–the key figure in the battle–has so far remained tolerant towards the North short -range launches.

As known, the last bit of pledge to revive stalled talks is almost two months old, yet Washington and Pyongyang have to restart negotiations. The process that is expected to bridge a significant divide and explain how, and when, the North surrenders its nuclear program, still remains really vague.

To trace development or at least look at it in that manner, Kim Jong Un sent a letter to Trump and said, he offered a small apology about weapons test, besides ensuring that he would bar tests once U.S.-South Korea military exercise concludes.

“We see that a new test doesn’t change the situation with negotiations at all,” said Ramon Pacheco Pardo, the KF-VUB Korea chair at the Institute for European Studies in Brussels. “Obviously less attention is being paid to each launch.”

With so many complications, the case remains still remains same. As per the stats, Pyongyang has conducted nine weapon tests since February’s Hanoi summit. The moves show no backing down, but they haven’t even convinced the US to move ahead anything.

Clearly, there is no proper direction to predict where US -North Korea negotiations head next. However, with each missile tested, North is testing its new technology ever so effectively. Friday’s missile launch also resembled a newly developed tactical guided weapon, which first appeared on 31 July and then 2 Aug.

“Every test marks an advance technologically, with the potential to destabilize the region,” said Jean H. Lee, director of the Korea program at the Wilson Center in Washington.

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