SNC-Lavalin Barely Affecting Trudeau’s Re-election Chances

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the SNC-Lavalin affair have been in the scene for more than a while now. While, the report released last week found that the Prime Minister overlooked ethics with his political interference, it has now come to notice that the scandal is barely affecting his chances of winning the elections.

As per the recently concluded Ispos poll, the Liberals and Conservatives are neck-to-neck in their fight for election. Statistically, the Grits are up by two points since last month reaching 33 per cent, while the Tories stand at 35 per cent after dropping a couple of points.

The online poll was conducted between Aug 16-19, keeping in mind the effect of report, which rigorously questioned Trudeau’s ethics. “I think the eight weeks of coverage we had in the spring of the SNC-Lavalin affair really solidified things for people and I think what we saw last week was a confirmation of public views, so we saw very little change,” said Mike Colledge, president of Ipsos Public Affairs.

The information available also shows that Trudeau and the leader of the Conservative Party Andrew Scheer, are virtually tied when it comes to electing the best Prime Minister. They are followed by Green Party leader Elizabeth May at 21 per cent, who has climbed up from 17 per cent last month.

The poll results also surface as Trudeau maintains that he won’t apologize for what has been called as the misuse of his power to help the Quebec engineering company, said ethics commissioner Mario Dion. Moreover, the Prime Minister’s claims of denial have been followed by the explanation that he was doing his bid of protecting the jobs he thinks would have been at risk otherwise.

“I don’t think what we saw last week shifted anything. It confirmed what people saw in the spring and basically hardened their positions, if anything, Colledge said.

Who is Leading Where?


As per the polls, the Liberals lead over Conservatives in Quebec. The former has 41 per cent in support, compared to the latter’s 22 per cent in the province.


The Tories lead in the region with 37 per cent approval in the poll, as compared to the Grits’ 34 per cent. The numbers are in contrast to last month’s 38 per cent and 32 per cent, respectively.

The overall approval ratings for the Liberals have been recorded at 50 per cent in Atlantic Canada, 43 per cent in Quebec and 41 per cent in BC. Consequently, voters in Ontario had approval ratings of 36 per cent, besides those in Alberta and Prairies were at 22 per cent and 20 per cent respectively.

“Right now, what SNC does — outside of Quebec — is it takes the Liberals off of their game. They’re defending SNC instead of talking about their progressive agenda and the things they’ve done in the past and want to do in the future,” Colledge said.

Both the parties have certainly gained ground in their respective areas. However, Liberal’s still look a notch better, especially by easily sidelining the SNC-Lavalin scandal, which once threated to cause major divides within the party.

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