Jagmeet Singh’s NDP party lagging behind in candidate nominations

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said, “he’s not worried” about the difficulties his party was facing while filling the vacant seats for candidates before election. During his interaction with the reporters, he was officially confirmed as the candidate for Burnaby South in British Columbia.

Almost two month are left for the 2019 Canadian federal election, and the NDP have nominated just 50% of their candidates.

Jagmeet Singh said, “No, not concerned about it,” on Friday, although he mentioned feeling some pressure to nominate the candidates for remaining 163 vacancies. “Of course there’s urgency because there’s a lot of people counting on us.”

The NDP is confident enough about the party delivering a decent result in the upcoming elections. Singh was elected in a February by-election to the BC riding, which provided him a seat in the House of Commons along with his MPs.

However, support for NDP has dropped nationally, and according to CBC’s poll tracker the party is polling at less than 14 per cent.

The party’s website states that not even a single candidate has been nominated in New Brunswick, P.E.I., Nunavut or the Northwest Territories.

Singh also said, “Sometimes good candidates take longer.” He dismissed the bad figures, citing the declension in support the hard work required to nominate the right candidates.

Jagmeet Singh honed in on PM Justin Trudeau’s record on the environment, calling on him for purchasing the disputable Trans Mountain pipeline, contradicting to his fight against climate change. He also addressed the reporters regarding NDP’s deep-laid policies, including affordable housing, environmental protection and health care.

Majority of the parties have almost completed their nomination processes. Till date, the Conservatives’ website showed 325 candidates gearing up the campaign, on the other hand the Liberals have already listed 265 candidates. The Greens have recruited 257 candidates as of now, and the People’s Party of Canada has selected 300 candidates.

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