Zurabishvili in Full Cry to Make Georgia an EU Member State

Georgia’s President Salome Zurabishvili has said that she is driving her country ever closer to Europe amidst spat with Russia over the disputed province of Abkhazia.

In her interview with Euronews’ Anelise Borges in Tbilisi, the Georgian President informed that her country and Russia had no diplomatic ties since 2008, and her nation would only move ahead if the decisions are made on mutual respect.

At the nexus of the clash with Moscow is Abkhazia, over which the two nations fought the war in 1992 and which was declared as the Russian occupied territory 11 years ago. However, the tensions once again erupted last week, after Abkhazia held presidential elections, which Georgia cited were “unacceptable”.

Heavily influenced by the EU policies, Zurabishvili is convinced to an extent that she looks on course to be a part the European Union. Although, Georgia isn’t a member nation of the EU, the Prime Minister has portrayed that she would be delighted to see her nation move closer to Brussels.

In an exact opposite manner to Britain, and despite many other challenges that come with joining the EU, a recent poll suggests that as many as 83 per cent Georgians want to be a part of the continent.

“Georgians feel that they are Europeans. It is not something they are striving for. They are European. They are also very optimistic about Europe because they think that European attraction is something that has no alternative, which is something that from the inside sometimes Europeans do not see.”

Zurabishvili added that Brexit could mean opportunities for other countries: “I think that Brexit is certainly a very big challenge, but I’m sure that it will lead to new opportunities and to new obligations of Europe to reform itself, and being an optimist I am sure it will open new doors to us.”

The ambition to join Europe is certainly high amongst Georgians, but the nation also needs to learn that the continent is not in a really good shape. From problems as big as eradicating the democracy, to bashing Muslims and condemning immigrants – is the current face of Europe. Also, with the subsequent registration as the member state of the European Union, all and much more can put the economy under sudden strain or say burden of European policies.

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