Late Mohamed Morsi’s son Abdullah dies of cardiac arrest

Abdullah Morsi, the youngest son of deceased Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, passed away after suffering a heart attack. The 25-years-old Morsi died on September 4 at the Oasis hospital in the capital city of Cairo.

His death was confirmed by the family, who did not give any further details. Abdullah’s father, Mohamed Morsi, died on June 17 in custody for allegations, which legal observers believe were politically driven. Following a military coup in 2013, which was spearheaded by the current President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, Morsi was removed from the power.

According to Morsi’s elder son, Ahmed, his brother Abdullah, complained of sudden spasms while he was driving his car. A friend accompanying Abdullah managed to stop the car and took him to a hospital, where doctors couldn’t revive him. Ahmed’s statement cleared the air of any false play in his sudden death at a young age.

“Abdullah died at the hospital after suffering a heart attack,” Ahmed Morsi said.

After his father’s death, Abdullah Morsi had become an outspoken critic of the Egyptian authorities. He was jailed many times, sometimes for being critical of the government, and other times for allegedly consuming drugs. However, the legal observers said that the accusations were fabricated just to suppress younger Morsi’s voice.

Abdullah was believed to be a stern supporter of his father and his defence while he was put to trial and detained in prison. He voiced his opinions about how the Egyptian government could have a role in his father’s death.

He wrote on Twitter after his father’s death, accusing several Egyptian officials, whom he termed “partners” of President Sisi “in killing the martyr president”.

He specifically blamed incumbent and former interior ministers Mahmoud Tawfiq and Magdy Abdel Ghaffar, respectively, for Mohamed Morsi’s death.

Abdullah Morsi also claimed that authorities did not allow to perform his father’s last rites and bury him at the family’s cemetery.

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