Canada elections 2019: Elizabeth May slams French debate for excluding her

Ahead of Canada elections 2019, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has urged other party leaders to refuse to take part in an upcoming French-language debate that doesn’t include her.

Expressing disappointment on Saturday, May said her expectation of inclusion in Face-à-Face 2019, a French leaders’ debate is absolutely legitimate.

Elizabeth May said: “The citizens of Quebec, and francophones across the country, deserve to have access to a full and fair debate that includes all leaders. Democracy — and fairness — demand it.”

The French language debate, which is being hosted by TVA and moderated by Pierre Bruneau, will take place from 8-10 pm on October 2. The debate was officially announced by TVA on Friday. TVA Nouvelles said it would be the first chance to see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participating in a debate before Canada elections 2019.

Other party leaders, who will join Justin Trudeau for the debate, include Andrew Scheer of the Conservative Party, Jagmeet Singh from NDP, and Yves-François Blanchet from the Bloc Québécois.

Defending the decision of debate organizers, TVA Group’s vice-president of communications Véronique Mercier hinted that there has been no discrimination in inviting the candidates for debate, and that TVA has “invited the leaders of the parties that have elected representatives from Quebec.”

At present, the Green Party is represented by two seats in the House of Commons, including one seat won during the 2015 general election and the second was attained in a byelection in May.

May has faced similar exclusions from election debates held in 2015, where she was not invited for at least three eminent election debates.

The Greens and Elizabeth May’s supporters have launched an online petition that will allow her into the debate.

The latest Ipsos poll before Canada elections 2019, conducted for Global News, shows that Greens were polling at 7 per cent in Quebec among leaning voters. The poll surveyed over 187 Quebecers in an online survey.

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