Ahead of elections Justin Trudeau criticized for wearing brown makeup

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he owed an apology after a picture of his from 2001, carrying brown face make-up surfaced just a few weeks before Canada election 2019. It is speculated that this picture could be a drawback for him in the elections.

The then 29-year-old Trudeau covering his face in dark make-up is now facing a major challenge, as the leader is known for speaking against racial discrimination. His cabinet also has three eminent ministers of Indian descent.

“I should have known better then, but I didn’t and I did it and I’m deeply sorry,” Trudeau, 47, said on his campaign plane in Halifax, Nova Scotia, after the picture was published by the Time magazine.

Time gave the image courtesy to Vancouver businessman Michael Adamson, who was member of the West Point Grey Academy community where Trudeau worked in 2001. The picture had been published in the Vancouver private school’s annual book.

During a live telecast on Canadian television, Justin Trudeau said: “I dressed up in an Aladdin costume and put make-up on. I shouldn’t have done it.”

In the picture, PM Trudeau is seen wearing a turban and a white robe and his face is painted in a darker tone.

Ahead of the Canada election 2019, Darrell Bricker, chief executive officer of polling firm Ipsos Public Affairs said, “This picture runs completely contrary to the image of tolerance the prime minister has so scrupulously cultivated. It can’t be good for him or his party.”

An official policy of multiculturalism is prevalent in Canada, and as per the Statistics Canada, about one in five Canadians were born abroad.

Trudeau is fighting a close battle with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer in Canada election 2019.

Scheer said the picture was extremely shocking and disappointing.

Justin Trudeau’s popularity has dropped significantly, following a number of pitfalls, including a latest ruling a prominent watchdog that he had violated ethical rules by putting pressure on former justice minister to let a leading construction company escape a corruption trial.

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