Elizabeth May Issues Call to Decriminalize All Drug Possession

Issuing calls to fight the drug epidemic and the concerns regarding easy availability of drugs, the Green party leader Elizabeth May said, she would decriminalize all drug possession, if elected in October. The statement comes at a crucial time, with less than a month before Canadians head to polls.

“If it’s decriminalized people won’t be afraid to go get help, if it’s decriminalized we can ensure safe supply,” said Elizabeth May, who made a campaign stop in Winnipeg on Saturday.

As a part of the plan, the Greens have been committed to announcing a national health emergency, increasing mental health and de-addiction programs and funding community organizations. They have further assured to provide kits with Naloxone, a medication that bars effects of opioids.

As per the facts, between January 2016 and September 2018, an approximate 10,300 Canadians died from opioid related overdose. “I would not be calling for decriminalization today if I wasn’t thoroughly convinced that you can’t spot fentanyl,” Elizabeth May explained. “The fentanyl crisis changes everything for me and that’s why decriminalization Greens believe is essential,” she added.

The issue is personal for the Green party leader because her sister-in-law, Margot Kidder, died in 2018 after battling drug addiction. Meanwhile, support for May’s bid comes from Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and Vancouver Island, areas that are severely hit by the opioid crisis.

On the other hand, Liberals have sidelined all the calls to decriminalize possession of all drugs, and instead legalized Marijuana in the nation. Presently, neither Liberals nor the Conservatives have presented their 2019 plans to deal with the drug epidemic. However, the NDP’s platform says the party would “commit to working with all levels of government, experts and Canadians to end the criminalization and stigma of drug addiction.”

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau stopped in Winnipeg earlier this week, while NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is yet to make an appearance in the province for the campaign rally.

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