Pete Buttigieg: Why LGBTQ is Not Center of his Campaign Agendas

Last updated on October 14th, 2019

The United States Democratic presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg has lately been causing a real time swirl amongst the voters, through his campaign that is going in full-swing. According to a latest Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll, the South Bend Mayor is viewed favorable by 69 per cent of poll respondents, which is second only to the US Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts with 75 per cent votes in favor.

“I feel more comfortable with his candidacy rather than any other candidate at this time…He has the qualities of leadership and demeanor that I like to see in candidates.,” said David Huntley, a 56-year-old poll respondent in Cedar Rapids, who works in retirement administration.

The US is heading towards the 2020 Presidential Elections at a greater pace, and Democrats are leaving no point to make it difficult for Republican President Donald Trump. Last week Pete Buttigieg met voters in South Carolina, where he was asked, “What would you do differently from what Trump is doing?”, and he replied, “Well, just about everything.”

When the mayor announced his candidacy, he asked Americans to help him deliver the new generation, where he’ll work on climate solutions, racial equality and end to wars, “before its too late”.

If Buttigieg wins the upcoming elections, he’d be the first openly gay President of the United States, and the fact has been creating extra pressure for him to represent broader LGBTQ community through his campaign. The 37-year-old got married to Chasten Buttigieg in June 2018, three years after he came out.

However, his sexual orientation has always been one of the several agendas of his presidential bid, rather than placing it at the center. This ideology is believed to be making him unique in the presidential race.

Last week, Pete Buttigieg attended the LGBTQ Presidential Forum, where he was introduced as “a member of our community”. He talked about “the hard way” about “discrimination”, as he shared his story of coming out.

The Presidential candidate also stirred a lot of fire amongst the voters at the party steak fry in Des Moines, Iowa. It will be the first state to host the first nominating contest in early February. In the crowd rainbow signs that read “BOOT-EDGE-EDGE” were shining bright, along with dozens of people wearing T-shirts with “Pete” stickers on.

A five-term Democratic member of the Connecticut Senate, Bob Duff tweeted, “This guy @PeteButtigieg is inspiring voters like I haven’t seen since @BarackObama came onto the scene.”

Pete Buttigieg, who is determined to unify Americans, has also been talking about climate change, health care, racial equality, US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, among others, during his campaign. However, the LGBTQ community of Iowa wants him to talk more about the challenges and issues that they and the people with color face.

“We tell all our candidates, and what Pete clearly understands, is that being gay or lesbian or transgender is who you are and has to be a part of your narrative, but it’s not your resume, and it’s not a reason why someone would support you,” Annise Parker, the former Houston mayor, who now serves as the Victory Fund’s president.

“Not everybody agrees with his positions, not everybody in the LGBTQ community is going to support him and we don’t expect that,” said Parker, who is among nearly 60 present and former mayors who have endorsed Buttigieg. “But there is a core base of LGBTQ support that has propelled him.”

Many of the voters, on the other hand, believe that Buttigieg “brings me a lot of hope”. An 18-year-old college student of Iowa, Caleb Mehl said, “As someone who is bi-[sexual], I know I can trust him. It’s like there’s light coming out of all this darkness.”

Pete Buttigieg, who could have made LGBTQ his major agenda of his campaign, chose not to. Although the support from the community is quivering, he wish to attract several sections of eligible voters. However, only the elections would reveal, if the strategy works in his favor.

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