Abdel Fattah Arrested Amidst Calls to Dethrone el-Sisi

Last updated on October 5th, 2019

A renowned Egyptian dissident Alaa Abdel Fattah who was freed from prison just six months ago, has once again been arrested. As reported by his family, Fattah was preparing to leave the police station on Sunday, when he was rearrested by the Egyptian authorities.

“I arrived at the police station and I found the place where he spends the probation empty,” Abdel Fattah sister, Mona, told Reuters news agency.

The campaign activist was allegedly arrested on the charges of publishing false news and provoking people to protest. The crackdown is well underway in Egypt, with reports by human rights group stating as many as 2000 people already landing behind the bars. The arrests began after the anti-government protests commenced in Cairo and other cities last week.

In 2011, Abdel Fattah also lead a campaign against former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, helping to topple his 3-decade-long rule.

Fight for Justice

Egypt is once again going through a wave of political instability, and pressing against the removal of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. However, “The arrests and the heavy security measures have scared people off, but it’s too early to tell whether the momentum from last Friday is over,” said Mohamed Zaree, Egypt program director at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, adding that it would be difficult for the government to maintain this level of security indefinitely. “A barrier was broken last Friday, and things won’t go back to how they were before then.”

The present situation risks dissidents in Egypt, and el-Sisi who has a gripping control over almost every activity, faces a slick challenge to stand his ground against the furious crowd. The last wave of uprising emerged as the crowd walked out after offering midday prayers, according to a live video posted on Facebook. “No matter how, we’ll bring Sisi down,” the crowds chanted.

Ironically, there were reports of pro-Sisi protests in the nation, which were live until late Friday night. As reported, these were organized by authorities in Nasr City neighborhood of Cairo. Notably, the demonstrators included, civil servants, employees of state-owned companies and other Cairo residents forced to attend the rally.

However, all this came at cost of perks like, a day off to state employees who attended the rally, while a free meal to the Cairo residents. The so called pro-Sisi crowd chanted: “Long live Egypt”.

Egyptians are “more aware of how the picture is being formed to fabricate reality and fool people,” el-Sisi told supporters at the airport, according to a video posted on his official Facebook page. “Don’t worry about anything. Don’t be worried,” he added as a sign of confidence.

While it is already clear that el-Sisi has every situation under control, the uncertainty with the crowd can still weigh in heavily on the nation. Clearly, people are livid with rule and Mohammed Ali a military construction contractor turned self-proclaimed whistle-blower living in exile in Spain said: “Sisi, you can be sure that one day, I, no, we, will have you hanged to avenge those who have been killed and imprisoned and the disgusting dirty tactics of the police.”

Meanwhile, Alaa Abdel still faces an uncertain future in el-Sisi’s rule, especially as the former tries to maintain a foothold in the nation amidst dynamic political circumstances.

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