Opposition leader Andrew Scheer attacked Trudeau in latest election debate

On Monday, Andrew Scheer, leader of Canada’s main opposition strongly rebuked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a major T.V. debate. He called Trudeau a phony and a fraud who was unworthy of being re-elected in the upcoming Canada election on October 21.

The latest polls suggest that Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives have a high probability of winning over the ruling Liberals, whose election campaign staggered last month after pictures of PM Trudeau in black face were circulated. Regretting mistakes he did in the past, Trudeau repeatedly apologized for the pictures.

The debate sparked fire when Scheer attacked on Justin Trudeau saying the Liberal leader initially did not disclose how many times he had applied dark makeup.

“He can’t even remember how many times he put black face on, because the fact of the matter is he’s always wearing a mask,” said Scheer.

The debate went on for two hours, in which the leaders debated in English as the language is spoken by two-thirds of Canada’s 38 million population. This is commonly regarded as an effective way of striking the voters, especially when Canada election is just a few days away.

Trudeau was frequently targeted by his rivals which made him stumble over his words several times.

Counter-attacking the opposition, Justin Trudeau accused Andrew Scheer of trying to give tax breaks to some of Canada’s wealthiest.

“You did not answer the question on why you are lowering taxes by C$50,000 for multimillionaires,” said Trudeau accusing Andrew Scheer of supporting an extreme right-wing agenda.

Scheer also slammed Trudeau for allegations that the Liberal leader and his team inaptly tried to help a construction company in Quebec to dodge a corruption trial.

“The role of a prime minister is to stand up for Canadians’ jobs, to stand up for the public interest, and that is what I’ve done and that is what I will continue to do,” Trudeau responded.

According to the Nanos Research poll, Liberals currently stand at 34.3%, ahead of the Conservatives who stand at 33.4%.

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