Canadian Elections Call for Security as Trudeau Wears Bulletproof Vest

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is believed to be in a neck-to-neck fight in Canadian elections with his Conservative opponent Andrew Scheer, wore a bulletproof vest for a campaign event, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported. As per the sources, the precautionary move came following a security threat.

Although the bulletproof vest carried by the Canadian Prime Minister was worn under his light blue shirt, its shape could easily be recognized at the campaign event in the Ontario city of Mississauga.

Trudeau was also closely safeguarded by police wearing backpacks on the stage for the first time since the election campaigns kicked off six-week ago. The move was marked as disgrace even by his political rival Andrew Scheer, who noted via Twitter: “Very upsetting to hear that Justin Trudeau had to wear a bulletproof vest tonight at a campaign event. Threats of violence against political leaders have absolutely no place in our democracy. Thank you to the RCMP for taking these threats seriously and keeping us safe.”

However, Liberal spokeswoman Zita Astravas declined to comment on Trudeau’s security arrangements.

Unlike the American history of assassinations, Canadian elections have remained free from such political unrests. The only exception dates back 1970, when a radical group seeking independence for Quebec kidnapped the Canadian province’s deputy premier and later murdered him.

Canadian Prime Minister who was late by hour-and-a half for the event, addressed the gathering of 2,000 people without the incident. Also, Trudeau’s wife Sophie, who was supposed to introduce Trudeau did not do so.

Though there were no gestural signs of threat on display by Trudeau during the rally and he once again plunged into crowd to shake hands and pose for photos, but was closely surrounded by security.

However, despite peril, Justin Trudeau will continue with his plans and rally on Sunday in the Ontario city of York, north of Toronto, Liberal official who declined to be named said.

The Canadian elections are scheduled to take place on October 21.

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