Taliban Evokes Fresh Air of Dismay with Truck Attack in Afghanistan

Under a constant threat from the Taliban over the presidential elections, Afghanistan witnessed another suicide attack ahead of the results. On Wednesday, officials informed that the insurgent group launched explosives in a truck near a rural police headquarters in east Afghanistan, killing three security officers and wounding dozens.

Nasrat Rahimi, spokesman for the country’s Ministry of Interior Affairs, stated that 27 people, including children, were injured in the truck attack in Alishang district, Laghman province. Out of 27 injured people were six police officers.

Spokesman for the provincial governor, Asadullah Daulatzai highlighted that among the wounded were 20 children studying inside a nearby religious school. Besides, the madrassa building was also reported to be dismantled. “The students were wounded by flying glass,” he said. “The explosion was huge.”

The insurgent group claimed responsibility for the blast through a statement sent to media. Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman confirmed that fighters used a large truck packed with explosives in the attack.

At present, the country is waiting the results of the first round of presidential elections. People in Afghanistan headed to polls to vote for the president, on September 28, 2019. However, it was a dreadful and a difficult day for the civilians, on account of the Taliban that carried out around 68 attacks on several polling locations.

The United Nations reported that 85 civilians died in election-related violence. Besides, the turnout was a historical low with only nearly two million people casting their votes.

Wednesday attack was seen as one of the acts of the group to threaten the people. An injured 10-year-old, Ezatullah said that the explosion was “huge and loud”. He told AFP, “I was in class with my friends reciting the Koran when we saw a red truck rushing toward us. For a moment everything went dark, and when I woke up I found myself in the hospital.”

Rescuers are still searching through the ruins of the destroyed buildings, where the number of casualties are expected to rise. “We, with the rescue teams, are still looking for bodies under the rubble,” said Obaidullah, a resident.

The worsening violence in the war-torn Afghanistan has been having a grave impact on the children. In comparison to 2017, the number of attacks against the schools in the country have tripled, according to the UN Children’s Fund. Besides, over 1,000 Afghan schools were shut due to the combat, by the end of 2018.

As the peace talks between the United States and the Taliban ended, the violence that was being expected to leave the nation has established stronger roots. The latest attacks released new wave of terror, leaving no relief in sight for the civilians. The awaited poll results are expected to bring more dreadful days ahead, where the the circumstances only appear to be more challenging for the civilians.

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