US troops denounce Trump’s Syria policy of abandoning the Kurds

Several members of American military said they were frustrated over President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out US troops from Syria, especially during the time when the Kurds needed them to fight against Turkish military assault, the CNN reported. Defense officials of the United States, including those deployed to Syria, expressed dissatisfaction toward how the situation was dealt by the Trump administration.

According to a US official, it is well-acknowledged by the US military that how the Kurds have been abandoned despite their crucial role in helping the US fight the Islamic State.

The CNN quoted another senior American defense official saying that the failure of Trump to sternly oppose the Turkish invasion or support the Kurds against the attacks meant that his administration indirectly supported Turkey.

“Syrian Democratic Forces led by the Kurds are fighting a force that intends to eliminate their people because we green lighted their operation,” a senior US defense official told the CNN.

A US military official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to the CNN, said he was “ashamed” of US’ actions with respect to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, citing the failure of US to support its erstwhile ally in the fight against Islamic State.

Turkey had been threatening to launch its military offensive in Syria after Trump announced to pull back a contingent of 50 US troops deployed in the border area despite having a hint of an Turkish assault.

Having said that, there were reports of Trump administration officials arguing that Turkey was adamant to attack the Kurds notwithstanding the fact that US troops had remained.

Republican lawmakers particularly have sharply criticized President Trump’s decision as a desertion of the Kurds, leaving them vulnerable to the Turkish assault, and a strategic botch that will sap US’ credibility. Trump has put the United States in a difficult position to foster alliances with Russia and Iran in the future.

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